Why Jeep Tube Doors Are Perfect for Warmer Weather

Open-air Jeep with tube doors driving on the beach.

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What could be better than a summer drive with the top down and the wind in your hair? Well, according to open-air Jeep enthusiasts, taking the doors off would. A top-down, sides-off cruise down the sun-kissed road is what many Jeep owners strive for. This is what we call “the open-air feel.” There are two ways to obtain the open-air feel: either ride with no doors or ride with Jeep tube doors.

What Are Jeep Tube Doors?

Tube doors are a minimalist off-roading option for those who don’t want to miss a thing when exploring the outdoors. They improve visibility for more than just pretty views while enjoying a pleasant breeze, however.

What is the Point of Tube Doors?

Here are all the ways Jeep tube doors enhance your vehicle, and why they’re perfect for long-awaited spring and summer weather:

Increased Side-View Visibility

Off-road vehicles sit very high above the ground, so it can be hard to see objects and obstructions with regular jeep doors, especially those low to the ground. When you’re climbing up or descending from a hill or obstacle, this effect becomes intensified. Jeep tube doors leave space for drivers to see the terrain they’re traversing, including any boulders, branches, or abrupt slopes. They also provide a straight sight line to base approach and depart angles off of. The spaces between the tubes of tube doors offer that gap of visibility you need to navigate. This will help you avoid large boulders or branches protruding from the ground that could get you stuck or tip you over. This increased visibility contributes to the safety factor of Jeep tube doors.

A Safer Alternative to Doorless Jeeps

Solid doors provide more safety in the event of a crash, as they are designed to absorb much of the impact. However, collisions with other vehicles are hardly a concern on trails and less populated roads. On the other end of the spectrum, many people opt for no doors on trails, which is pretty unsafe regardless of where you’re driving. Meeting in the middle by adding some tube doors will drastically improve defense against T-bone collisions or rollovers by providing a barrier to absorb impact. Jeep tube doors add a barrier to the sides that prevent passengers from falling out easily. In addition, they can also offer some defense against larger debris, branches, or roaming animals that might collide with your vehicle during an off-road session.

Built to Be Strong and Last Long

Jeep tube doors are generally made out of steel with a black powder coat finish to make them durable and strong. This means they’ll be more likely to last for years to come, surviving and thriving in rough terrains. With quality tube doors and conscious driving, your tube doors will be a long-lasting investment, not something you must replace every year. Their fortitude will also render them less likely to break off, making your driving experience safer overall.

Cool Look, Cooler Feel

Tube doors inside of an open-air Jeep on a trail.

When it comes to looking cool, tube doors get the job done. They add a layer of armor to your Jeep, giving it that rough-and-tumble style. A black powder coat finish is common, but Jeep tube doors come in a vast array of colors that can be paint-matched to your vehicle. You can have a whole lot of fun with different designs, colors, and styles to customize. Even cooler than the open-air look is the open-air feel. For many Jeep enthusiasts, open cabin driving on a nice, warm, sunny day is exhilarating. Plus, they allow you to reap the benefits of fresh air and exposure to nature, all while traveling in a vehicle.

Nimble and Light Weight

The design of Jeep tube doors is minimalistic and lightweight compared to full regular doors. This means you’ll have an easier time maneuvering the vehicle, which makes a big difference on winding paths and bumpy terrains. You’ll also be able to add more gear to your Jeep without weighing it down too much since not having full doors will free up some weight. Plus, a lighter vehicle can only help improve its overall gas mileage, which is always a win.

Storage Space Solutions

Factory jeep doors come with considerable storage space, usually in the form of netting. Door storage has become increasingly important in Jeeps because they are lacking in the storage compartment department. If you’re going for an open-air feel, a no-doors approach will leave you completely storage space-less. Tube doors, on the other hand, provide the option to attach canvas or mesh storage pouches. These can carry on-the-go essentials, like a first aid kit, communications devices, or other essential off-roading gear that could wind up being a lifesaver.

Open Road, Open Air

Open-air red Jeep with tube doors on a mountain.

We know that open-air jeeps are great for off-roading, but what about on-road traveling? Driving your Jeep completely doorless won’t fly on most roads. Depending on your state and local laws, you might be required to have more than one rearview mirror on your vehicle. Some require a left view and interior mirror, which you can imagine would be difficult to achieve without doors. Jeep tube doors provide a solid place to attach side mirrors at the hinge pins. All in all, this should help you avoid legal trouble with your open-air Jeep. You’ll want to double-check your local laws and regulations, but in most places, tube doors will help alleviate those legal concerns so you can get out on the open road.

Straightforward Installation of Jeep Tube Doors

To install tube doors, all you have to do to start is remove solid doors at the hinge pins. The hinge pins allow for no-cut, no-drill, no-weld installation. You may be able to do the wiring yourself to install side view mirrors, but if not, that’s nothing a mechanic can’t solve. With no doors, you could maybe get away with plugging in small replacement mirrors to the door pin mounts, but tube doors allow you to install larger, more reliable factory mirrors doe more security and less vibrating. You’ll be happy you went the extra mile for mirrors when you’re out there enjoying a smooth, open-air ride.

Are Tube Doors Worth It?

There are so many high-quality Jeep tube doors to choose from, whether you need Bronco tube doors, Jeep Gladiator tube doors, or Jeep Wrangler tube doors. Trusted, reliable brands include Aries, Bestop, and Fab Fours. Discover the top tubes for you and get your Jeep ready for summertime living!

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