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The tailgate is the entry to a truck’s bed, a keystone in loading and unloading cargo to and from the truck. Not only do they carry cargo during travel, but they support it, too. Tailgates are multi-functional, with the ability to serve as a temporary outdoor work table for jobs or a party spot before football games. With the many hats tailgates wear, truck owners can seize the opportunity to modify them for added versatility and functionality. There are plenty of truck tailgate accessories to enhance your tailgate for accessibility, visibility, security, and functionality.

Improve Accessibility with This One Tailgate Accessory

Accessibility is important in a tailgate, especially when loading or unloading cargo. Having an easily accessible tailgate makes hauling heavy or awkward cargo a lot easier on the body, plus it saves time. If you often work out of your truck or use the tailgate for transporting gear on the go, leveling up your tailgate’s accessibility is a good idea. Here’s how you can gain easier access:

Tailgate Ladder

If you’ve got suspension lifts and tires the size of a bull on your truck, the odds are that getting into your truck bed takes some effort. A tailgate ladder can help you bridge the gap between the ground and your tailgate. These accessories are especially helpful for people who load and unload frequently. The best tailgate ladder for trucks would have high durability, an easy setup, and a clever design. The Traxion Tailgate Ladder is just that. With its ready-to-go design, you can install this accessory in a matter of seconds. Fold it up neatly against the tailgate for a compact, clever, space-saving solution. This ladder is designed to make exit and entry into the truckbed easier, especially for those with mobility issues. Spend more time climbing mountains and less on your truck.

How to Increase Tailgate Functionality

Tailgate accessory to extend truck bed on silver pickup truck

With the versatile purposes a tailgate can serve, adding the right truck tailgate accessories can help it reach its full potential for utility. You can equip your tailgate with the right ones based on which functions you want it to carry out. 

Tailgate Spreaders

Have you ever been snowed in when you needed to travel or get somewhere important? The ability to spread salt easily might be the answer to your prayers. Tailgate spreaders are simple truck tailgate accessories you can add for extra functionality. Cover lots of ground and spread salts or calcium chloride on the road to stop ice dead in its tracks. Find a highly durable, corrosion-resistant tailgate spreader for de-icing driveways, residential areas, commercial sites, and parking lots. With heavy-duty tailgate spreaders, you can convert your pickup truck into an all-around utility vehicle.

Bed Extenders

A truck bed extender with a toolbox and gear inside it

Sometimes, you need more room in your truck bed. Other times, it doesn’t make sense to buy an extra long truck bed if it won’t be consistently utilized. To temporarily extend the truck bed and increase its cargo capacity, consider a truck bed extender. One with a fortified yet lightweight construction and a clever, space-efficient folding design is ideal. If you need to bring more gear for your trip or a job, simply reach for your truck bed extender and load up freely.

Improve Tailgate Visibility

Visibility is very important when you’re dealing with large vehicles, especially those involving trailers. It helps you get where you need to go without any accidents or cargo mishaps. There are several advantageous truck tailgate accessories to improve visibility on the road with your trailer.

Tailgate Light Bars

Tailgate light bars help improve your visibility at night or in foggy weather, especially for other drivers. They can be connected to your brake lights or double as running lights if your vehicle makes frequent sudden stops. Adding a tailgate light bar will help other drivers see your vehicle, preventing accidents and damage to your truck.

Vented Tailgates

If you have trouble seeing out the back of your truck with your tailgate, try vented tailgates. These slotted tailgate accessories have an open design that leaves space for an enhanced rear view. The open designs of vented tailgates also improve airflow and decrease wind resistance, helping to improve fuel economy. Any opportunity to improve fuel economy is one truckers should jump on!

Truck Tailgate Accessories for Security and Protection

Security is very important for a tailgate, especially when you have valuable gear stored there. Equipment is often bulky and heavy, so a strong and secure hold is required. This prevents items from falling out, getting damaged, and potentially causing accidents or collisions. Protection for your tailgate is a worthwhile investment to protect your valuables.

Tailgate Assists

DeeZee tailgate assist on a silver pickup truck

Tailgate assists are a form of hydraulic support to keep tailgates from opening abruptly. The gas struts of the assist support the trailer’s weight, making it an easier feat to open and close the tailgate. This is handy, especially when the weather is harsh, affording easier access to your trailer in wet conditions. Tailgates can get pretty heavy, so sometimes, this extra boost is incredibly helpful. You can close your tailgate with one hand and unload your work tools or cargo with the other. Tailgate assists also help prevent injuries associated with lifting heavy loads. They slow down the speed at which your tailgate falls through shock absorbers, causing less wear and tear on your truck. With the accessibility, functionality, and protection that tailgate assists add, they’re truly top-notch truck tailgate accessories.

Tailgate Seals

Tailgate seals are accessories that completely seal the truckbed, protecting it and the cargo inside from dirt, dust, fumes, moisture, and more. They also reduce vibration in the tailgate for a quieter and smoother ride. The best tailgate seals are quick and easy to install, made of flexible material, and provide a reliable lock against the elements. These truck tailgate accessories will help prolong the lifespan of your tailgate and truck bed, preserving their conditions for years to come.

Tailgate Handle Locks

Tailgate handle locks prevent your tailgate from opening unexpectedly by keeping the gate closed. This adds much-needed security to your tailgate while still retaining its style. Equip your truck with the best tailgating equipment to enjoy maximum security!

Drive with Confidence

Truck board workspace for pickup trucks with various tools on top of it.

After customizing your truck with the right truck tailgate accessories, your tailgate will be optimized for all the jobs, travel, and adventures you seek. Drive confidently, knowing you’ve got the best rig and reliable accessories to haul your gear!

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