Top 5 Trailer Hitch Accessory Life Hacks

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There are so many benefits to towing your own vehicles and trailers, but let’s face it – hauling 13,000 pounds of gear and equipment can become quite the undertaking. All of this hauling and lifting can wear and tear on your trailer and on you. To minimize the strain of big towing jobs, optimize your towing system with some helpful and highly underrated towing accessories. Depending on factors like your vehicle’s receiver hitch class and current setup, the right accessories to take your towing to the next level can vary. Read on to discover five trailer hitch accessory life hacks that will make your towing experience easier.

1.      Hitch & Bumper Steps:

If you’ve ever stumbled and dropped all your gear while trying to reach your roof rack, fear not. This trailer hitch accessory is the answer. Make that cursed day of clumsiness your last with hitch & bumper steps! These sturdy platforms allow users access to roofs and cargo areas with greater comfort, ease, and efficiency. They lock into a vehicle’s hitch receiver, providing a stable and secure place to step onto. Depending on the material and type, most trailer hitch step bumpers can support up to 750 pounds, ensuring a reliable hold. Some feature non-slip ridges for added traction and safety during use (plus, you’ll be at less risk of slipping and looking goofy). Overall, these simple gadgets will make grabbing gear in the truck bed or roof rack a breeze. Hitch step bumpers are an easy, low-maintenance way to elevate your vehicle’s towing prowess.

2.      Hitch Cargo Baskets:

Hitch cargo basket carrying coolers, secured by rope.

Have you ever wanted to add that extra piece of gear to your pickup or SUV for the road trip but just couldn’t make it fit? Never miss out on extra gear and extra fun again. With a hitch cargo basket, you can make more use of your hitch while increasing storage space. A cargo basket for your trailer hitch is a carrier constructed from durable metal designed to hold cargo at the vehicle’s rear. Leave more space available for your rooftop carrier, or do away with it altogether to avoid the hassle of climbing up and reaching for bulky equipment. The lower height of hitch cargo baskets also makes loading and unloading gear much easier.

Hitch cargo baskets don’t just make traveling easier; they make it safer, too. Because they’re so low to the ground, cargo baskets for trailer hitches won’t obstruct your rearview visibility. Objects will be less likely to fall from lower heights, too, making hitch cargo baskets a safe and sound solution. Use hitch cargo baskets to store fishing bait boxes, truck bed toolboxes, tents, inflatable water floats, and more for all kinds of top-notch fun on your next big trip.

3.      Hitch Cargo Bags:

Mother nature can be beautiful, kind, and oh so cruel to your equipment left exposed. Add a layer of protection to your rooftop or hitch cargo with a hitch cargo carrier bag. These clever and functional accessories help protect your belongings from facing the wrath of the elements. A well-fitted, high-quality cargo bag for hitch carriers will prevent any dirt, dust, grime, or excess sunshine from damaging your valuables. You can opt for a tough, long-lasting hitch rack cargo carrier bag made from thick UV-resistant vinyl material and fully welded waterproof seams for ultimate durability. Strong and reliable polypropylene straps keep bags firmly in place. This secures your belongings during even the most challenging off-roading jaunts and rugged road trips. Find the right hitch cargo carrier bag for all of your exploration escapades.

4. Hitch Locks & Couplers

Trumax hitch lock

This trailer hitch accessory is a fun one. Trailer hitch locks are essential towing components that prevent detachment from the receiver hitch. This protects your trailer from getting stolen by modern-day “pirate types” while you’re off on a trail or running an errand. Now, stealing an entire trailer is no small feat- but beware: it does happen. It’s more common and easier than you’d think to steal a trailer, and there are many ways it can be done. As much as you probably love your trailer, you’re not always around to guard it. The good news is that when you place a lock on the trailer hitch, a key is required to disconnect it from the trailer. A solid receiver hitch locking pin or trailer hitch lock will give you peace of mind to elevate your travel and hauling experiences.

Couplers also add security to your towing setup. They’re mechanisms that attach the tongue of the trailer to the vehicle’s hitch ball. This is to ensure a secure connection between the two for safe towing. There are a few different types of coupler locks, including bulldog, A-frame, and straight tongue couplers. Bulldog couplers are heavy-duty and usually designed for bulkier trailers. A-frame couplers are most commonly used on utility trailers. Straight-tongue couplers are designated mostly for lighter trailers, such as boat trailers. They all come with a latch or lock system to securely fasten them to the hitch ball. This trailer hitch accessory prevents disconnection and ensures safe towing, allowing for carefree travel.

5. Tie Down Straps

Rhino USA hitch tie down straps

Tie-down straps are crucial elements in securing down cargo when transporting and towing. Most often, the best tie-down straps are made of polyester webbing. This material is firm instead of stretchy, providing a stronger hold on cargo. Tie-down straps are highly versatile, securing anything from small gearboxes to large motorcycles. Retractable ratchet tie-down straps are some of the most common options due to their long lifespan and lasting durability. They also boast a simple design that makes operating them a walk in the park. These Rhino tie-down straps are strong and reliable, helping to ensure that your belongings don’t fall during transport. Not only could a lack of security damage your expensive equipment, but it could also be dangerous. Fallen cargo can lead to obstructed vision or obstacles on the road. Keep your valuables tied down and secure with high-quality, reliable tie-down straps.

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