Top 5 Ford Bronco Modifications

Cobalt blue Ford Bronco in front of a colorful wall mural

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Ford Broncos are rock-crawling rockstars, built for off-roading trailblazers who like to max out on fun. They come as two-door or four-door SUVs for excellence, no matter the size of the adventure. With a 300-hp turbocharged inline-four and a 10-speed automatic transmission, the Bronco delivers real verve on and off the road. As far as 4×4 vehicles go, they excel in both looks and functionality. By adding the right accessories and customizations, you can enhance your Bronco even further. Here are the best Ford Bronco modifications that will bring your ride to the next level.

1.      Suspension Lifts

Cobalt blue Ford Bronco with suspension lifts on a hill

What’s the point of driving a Bronco if you’re still the same height as everyone else? Elevate your ride with suspension lifts. These Ford Bronco modifications raise the ride height of a vehicle’s suspension system. The result is increased ground clearance, which is everything when it comes to off-roading. They allow for larger tires and greater clearance to navigate over challenging terrains, including steep inclines. The elevated heights offer better visibility of the ground below and trails ahead. A hidden perk of suspension lifts is that they can also make it easier to access engine components and other parts under the hood. This makes quick repairs and maintenance a breeze. A good suspension lift can come in handy whether you’re off-roading or not. Optimize your Bronco with a quality suspension lift, like Ready Lift suspension lift kits!

2.      Off-road Bumpers

Cobalt blue Ford Bronco with custom front bumper

Off-road bumpers are another means to preserve an off-road vehicle to the fullest. Regular bumpers can only get you so far and protect you so much. They’re really built to withstand every day, low-impact collisions. For serious protection during off-roading escapades, you’ll need an aftermarket off-roading bumper. Apart from superior protection against damage from debris and rocks, custom bumpers also offer a few other advantages. They provide a mounting point for crucial accessories like winches, LED lights, and hooks that can help recover vehicles in a bind. Aftermarket bumpers improve ground clearance, ride height, and approach/departure angles. Enhancing these qualities renders a vehicle more able to traverse terrain and overcome obstacles. On top of all these benefits, custom bumpers bring style and value to your vehicle, enhancing its looks and prolonging its lifespan.

Types of Aftermarket Bumpers

Types of aftermarket off-road bumpers include one-piece, modular, and mold-on bumpers. Most aftermarket bumpers on the market are pre-fabricated, one-piece, bolt-on bumpers.

One-piece Bumpers

These are the most low-maintenance and easy to install since they’re a singular component. This gives them extra structural integrity and sturdiness.

Modular Bumpers

Unlike one-piece bumpers, modular bumpers are made up of several interchangeable parts that can be removed, added, or replaced for superior customization. Personalize yours with anything from custom bumper widths to extra light mounting points!

Weld-together Bumpers

Finally, weld-together bumpers usually come in the form of DIY kits. This is a great option for welders or mechanics who want to take it upon themselves to customize their bumpers. There’s a lot more autonomy and room for customization with this option, but there’s also room for error. With power comes more responsibility. This option is more for the skilled hobbyist who wants to take on the challenge and reap the rewards of DIY welding.

Regardless of the custom bumper type you choose, a quality aftermarket bumper by a trusted brand will add years to your vehicle’s lifespan. If you’re just beginning your quest for the best custom bumper, Ranch Hand and Fab Fours bumpers are great places to start.

3.      Rock Sliders

Rock sliders, also known as “rocker guards” are accessories that weld or bolt onto the underbelly of a vehicle to protect the rocker panels. This Ford Bronco modification is essential to guard your vehicle against rocks, debris, branches, and other obstacles while off-roading. Rocker guards prevent damage, helping to preserve your 4×4 vehicle longer, so you can get the most use out of it. Rock sliders can also provide a surface to step on in some instances, making it easier to get in and out of your vehicle. Rocker guards are usually constructed from either steel or aluminum, each with their advantages. Steel is more durable and offers more protection. Aluminum is more corrosion-resistant and lightweight, making it a sound option for those who want to keep the weight of their vehicle down. N-fab and Go Rhino rock sliders are known and trusted by off-roaders and 4×4 enthusiasts everywhere.

4.      Off-road LED Lights 

Navigating rugged rocks and treacherous trails is challenging, and it gets a lot harder if you can’t see well. Lighting is essential for off-roading and other outdoor adventures. LED light bars are energy efficient, and able to power your excursions. The durable construction of LED lights gives them a strong constitution- one designed to withstand the elements. They are highly resistant to changes in temperature, which is great for off-roading destinations like deserts and mountains where temperatures fluctuate drastically. For drivers in very cold conditions, you can opt for heated LED lightbars. They’ll automatically heat up in wintry conditions to ensure that ice doesn’t build up and obstruct light.

Whether you’re crawling through icy conditions or working in dim areas, LED light bars are a top-notch solution to enhance safety and peace of mind. But these Ford Bronco modifications aren’t just there to add safety and comfort while driving. They make your vehicle robust, signaling the rugged strength of serious off-roaders. For some of the most known and trusted off-road lighting options, look into Baja Designs off-roading lights and Rigid LED Lights.

5.      Roof Racks

There’s usually at least one time in every outdoor adventurer’s life when they didn’t have a roof rack to store their clunky gear. Sometimes a surfboard gets loaded awkwardly between the driver and the passenger seat. Hey, we’ve all been there. That said, it’s much safer for everyone in the vehicle when bulky items are properly carried outside the vehicle via racks. Roof racks are an easy Ford Bronco modification that increases safety, efficiency, and storage capacity.

How Broncos Benefit from Roof Racks

The storage capacity of Broncos ranges from exceptional to just okay, depending on the model and size you get. When riding any type of two-door vehicle, it’s safe to say that storage space will feel a bit limited. The beautiful thing about Ford Broncos is that you can customize them with all the trimmings you want to best prepare for adventures afoot. Roof racks are a phenomenal way to increase storage capacity while increasing the amount of cargo space for luggage and gear inside. I’m talking about kayaks, canoes, tents, bikes, surfboards – anything bulky that you don’t want to go inside the Bronco. With the ability to carry a wide variety of outdoor gear, your Bronco can be converted into a versatile outdoor adventure “Jack of all trades.”

Believe it or not, the right roof rack installation will also make your vehicle more aerodynamic and streamlined. This can have positive impacts on your gas mileage, which is basically one of the biggest money-saving wins you could have as an outdoor adventure enthusiast. Smittybilt Racks & Carriers are some of the most durable and trusted roof racks you could get to accompany you on your off-road adventures.

Prepare for Adventures of Epic Proportions: Ford Bronco Modifications

Cobalt blue Ford Bronco modifications for epic adventures

Enjoy the fun of customizing your Bronco, along with the fun that follows: going wherever you want. With these Ford Bronco modifications, you’re well on your way to attaining the best Bronco on the boulders, beach, or wherever you go. Get ready for some epic moments on the trails, fully equipped to handle any terrain you encounter!

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