Must-Have Jeep Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Warm weather travel and summer adventures are on the horizon. What better way to embark on these endeavors than with your Jeep? Whether you’re riding off-road or on the road, closed-door or open-air, there are certain trimmings you need to optimize your Jeep with for travel and outdoor pursuits. The right accessories can enhance performance, utility, looks, and feel. New modifications and gadgets can be exciting to dress up your new ride with. On the flip side, they can help add some spice to an old one. When personalizing Jeeps, we often think of big modifications, like wheels, tires, suspensions, and engine alterations. However, there are some smaller and simpler adjustments you can make, with just as big of an impact. Here are the top must-have Jeep accessories you didn’t know you needed.

How to Make Your Jeep Ride Smoother and Enhance the Feel

Jeep with tube doors driving on the beach

Half the fun of riding a Jeep is the smooth ride feel and flexibility. Ride fully encased when you need shelter and bust out the half doors in the warmer spring weather. Then go completely open-air in the summer with Jeep tube doors! Here are some ways to bring this vision to life:

Jeep Sunrider for Hardtops

With a hard top for your Jeep, you can reap the durability and security of strong fiberglass construction. By adding something like the Bestop Sunrider for hard tops, you can also enjoy the flexibility offered by soft tops. The unique folding panel design allows for an open-air feel and overhead sky view, securing them a solid spot on the must-have Jeep accessories list.

Jeep Half Doors

What are Jeep half doors? Jeep half doors are another incredible way to enjoy open-air driving while still offering some protection. Going completely doorless would certainly make your Jeep feel open. However, there would be no barrier between you and any rocks, tree parts, or animals that you may encounter. A fully doorless Jeep will be harder to make street legal. Adding a bit of a barrier for safety in the form of half doors is a logical compromise (and a recipe for a great time!)

Mesh Tops & Bikini Tops for Jeeps

Mesh tops and bikini tops for Jeeps are another way to achieve that open-air feel while adding shelter from the elements and protection from the sun. These must-have Jeep accessories are easy to install and remove in a flash, helping to keep your Jeep versatile. This ultra-lightweight, simple option is a convenient solution for both street cruisers and off-roaders alike.

Jeep Hard Top Hoists & Jeep Door Hangers

If you opt to remove your hard doors or hard top for an open-air outing, you’ll need somewhere to store them. When your full Jeep doors or hard tops aren’t in use, you can keep them on door hangers or a Jeep hardtop hoist. A Jeep hard top hoist is an effective, time-efficient solution to installing and removing a Jeep’s hard top. These garage-operated pulley systems do the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to. Both Jeep hard top hoists and Jeep door hangers are essentials if you like to switch from regular to open-air frequently.

How Can I Make My Jeep Look Good and Protect it From the Elements?

Generally, when you look good, you feel good. The same motto goes for your wheels- you want a Jeep with both functionality and style. A big part of this process is keeping up with surface-level maintenance and cleaning. Whether your Jeep is 10 years old or brand new with fresh DIY modifications, here are some ways to keep your ride looking cool.

Jeep Floor Liners and Jeep Cargo Liners 

Preserving your vehicle from the elements also involves protecting the interior. After a full day of hiking, fishing, or surfing, you’re bound to trail in some mud, moisture, or sand. These substances can be gritty and sticky, making them hard to remove from the upholstery and fabric of your vehicle. If you don’t want soggy floors and caked-on mud for years to come, you’re going to need a protective barrier. This is where interior protective Jeep floor liners and Jeep cargo liners come into play. They’re specifically designed to trap moisture, dirt, dust, and grime, preventing them from reaching your Jeep’s carpet. They’re so affordable, easy to clean, and simple to add or remove- every Jeep needs a few.

Jeep Rain Covers

A good rain cover for Jeeps will work wonders, and it’s a must if you’re going to be riding open-air. Open-air driving is great under the warm sun, but what happens when a suspicious cloud unexpectedly rolls in overhead? Your Jeep getting soaked while you’re out on the trails would put a real damper on the trip. Jeep rain covers are light and easy to throw on in a moment to protect your Jeep while you’re away. Most are made of a high-quality vinyl material that is durable yet lightweight, making them a highly suitable must-have Jeep accessory to bring along on your adventures.

Water Tight Jeep Cargo Boxes

To add even more protection, add a water-tight cargo box to your Jeep. (You never know when one of these will come in handy, but if you spend all of your time out on the trails, it’ll probably be all the time.) Allow your food to stay dry while you’re on a hiking excursion. Preserve hunting gear and keep it out of sight from sticky fingers. Keep extra bait fresh and covered from wandering critters while you go fishing. Store vital communications devices and other electronics to prevent them from water damage. The uses for quality Jeep cargo boxes are endless, and they’re lifesavers for any 4×4 outdoor enthusiast.

How Do I Improve My Jeep’s Off-road Performance?

Warn winch on a silver Jeep driving on an open field

Some of the most important tools among your must-have Jeep accessories are solid, reliable recovery gear components. If you plan on using your Jeep for any kind of off-roading, you’ll want to look into getting a recovery kit for Jeeps. Of course, you need a winch to escape sticky situations, but what about the extraneous accessories? Many off-roaders won’t think about these smaller, extra pieces of gear, but without them, winching isn’t possible. Here are the key pieces of Jeep recovery gear you wouldn’t want to miss:

Tow Straps

Tow straps or recovery straps are sturdy, durable straps designed to attach to winches and pull a vehicle out of sand, mud, or snow. The best recovery straps for Jeeps have high breaking strength to ensure that they can carry the load and handle the stress. It’s a good idea to keep a couple of spare towing straps in the trunk or a cargo box just to be safe.

Kinetic Recovery Ropes

Steel cable winch on a silver Jeep

Kinetic recovery ropes are made of elastic nylon material, designed to provide some give and handle immense pressure. They attach to the shackles on your vehicle’s rated recovery points and serve as an additional option to your winch. Kinetic ropes work to recover stuck vehicles by stretching and then contracting, using kinetic energy stored in the rope to propel the vehicle forward. Kinetic towing ropes absorb shock well and often last longer due to their elastic nature, which renders them less prone to breaking. Winching out doesn’t always work, or your winch can break. Kinetic recovery ropes can save you in a pinch if you’re caught between a rock and a hard place, so add them to your list of must-have Jeep accessories!

Soft Shackles for Recovery

Soft shackles provide a place to attach your tow straps or kinetic ropes to your vehicle. They’re lightweight compared to hard metal shackles and much less dangerous if the rope snaps and flings up into the air. Because of their lighter weight, they float in mud and water, making them much easier to retrieve if lost. Soft shackles are a highly portable, convenient, and safe accessory to add to your arsenal of Jeep recovery gear!

Which Jeep Accessories Are Best for You?

If you already have all the items on this must-have Jeep accessories list, then congrats- you’re well prepared and you’ve done your research. If not, there’s still time to equip yourself with the best Jeep accessories before your next big outdoor expedition.

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