Husky Liner: How To Get Full Interior Vehicle Protection

Interior vehicle with black rubber Husky Liners floor mats

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If you’re a vehicle owner, odds are that protecting and preserving your vehicle are priorities. Maybe you’ve just customized your automobile to perfection with a personalized combination of the best aftermarket auto accessories. Or, perhaps you’ve just refurbished a rare classic truck. Whatever the case may be, most vehicle owners benefit from adding extra protection to their vehicles. You might have truck bed covers or Husky Liner tailgate caps on your vehicle for protection against the elements and collisions. If you take the time and make the investment to fortify the exterior of your vehicle, naturally it only makes sense to do the same for the interior, and here’s why:

Preserve Seating and Upholstery

Grey snap-on fabric floor mats inside vehicle.

Most vehicle seating is made from leather or some form of fabric. This makes seats vulnerable to spills, stains, rips, and tears. Over time, these rips can turn into large holes, and spills can turn into mold or mildew. Dirt and dust can morph into a stubborn layer of grime, making for an unpleasant seating situation. All of these spills and dirt occurrences are bound to happen. It could be after your kids’ baseball games, in the midst of your hunting outings, or during an overlanding adventure. There’s really no way around it.

The best thing you can do to preserve your vehicle’s upholstery and prepare for the dirt to come is with proper seat liners and floor mats for cars. Not only will these protect upholstery from wear and tear, but from fading and discoloration by UV rays. According to the University of Utah, car windows block out on average 71% of UV rays. Additional sources indicate that many windows only block out as little as 30% of UVB rays. Taking measures to minimize UV exposure to your vehicle is especially important if you don’t keep your car in a garage, or if you live in a place where the sun’s rays are very strong. Overall, finding the best car floor mats and interior liners for your vehicle’s upholstery is favorable. It will be much more cost-effective than having to replace them entirely.

Maintain Interior Surfaces: Husky Liner Floor Mats

Black heavy-duty rubber floor mat for vehicle interior protection

Much like upholstery, the wood, plastic, leather, and other surfaces of your vehicle are also prone to fading, stains, dirt, and damage. Oils from our skin, sunblock, makeup, and food interact with these surfaces. This is where floor mats for cars come in. Most car floors have fabric lining. Due to the large surface area of floors, there is plenty of fabric in need of protecting from dirt and spills. To keep vehicle floors in good condition, you’ll want to find the best car floor mats for your vehicle.

There are a variety of Husky Liner Floor Mats to select from, including the X-Act Contour, the Weatherbeater, and Uni-Fit Floor Mats. X-Act Floor Mats are known for being ultra-rugged with a factory-like fit for unmatched stability. They feature no-slip DuraGrip construction with a lifetime warranty. The Weatherbeater boasts patented technology to fit your vehicle’s interior like a glove. Gritty and tough as nails, these floor mats are built to provide lifetime protection. The Uni-Fit floor mats are for those with vehicle-specific needs, easily cut to fit your truck, van, or SUV. These are great for explorers who don’t want to worry about getting messy while deep into their adventures. They’re easy to remove, wash, and reinstall whenever necessary. With the myriad of Husky Liners Floor Mats to choose from, you’re bound to find the right fit that keeps your vehicle’s interior in tip-top shape!

Protect Belongings Inside Your Vehicle

For vehicle owners who don’t have a trailer or truck bed, underseat cargo boxes can be huge space savers. Underseat cargo boxes introduce a means of carrying tools, hunting gear, and luggage. If you do own a truck, but could still use additional storage space, a quality underseat cargo box can double as a truck gear box. Here you can store any leftover valuables that couldn’t fit into the truck bed.

Husky Liner Under Seat Storage Boxes make the most of the space in your vehicle, increasing storage capacity for future adventures. Husky Liners also carries behind-the-seat storage boxes to make use of even the thinnest crevices of your vehicle’s interior. The durable polyethylene construction of Husky Liner Gearboxes for cars renders them built to last. They’ll be able to endure all kinds of wear and tear for years to come. Many Under Seat Storage Boxes and gearboxes come with a lock for extra security. Lock up expensive tools, hunting equipment, and other valuables on the go with these heavy-duty pick-resistant security solutions. A vehicle equipped with the right accessories for interior protection will allow you to protect not only the vehicle itself, but the belongings inside of it too. Enjoy good gear and peace of mind throughout your travels!

Shield Against Mud: Husky Liner Mud Flaps

Sometimes when you’re off-roading or rock crawling, things can get pretty muddy. Layers of mud can fling up from the ground and pile onto your vehicle’s paint job. Mud and rocks can also fly up to the vehicle’s underbody and get lodged in its components. This could do some serious damage to the chassis, frame, axle, and fittings. Husky Liner Mud Flaps and mudguards work to prevent this type of mud and debris buildup by adding an extra obstacle to mud, and an extra layer of protection for your vehicle.

Husky Liner Mud Flaps contain a signature AntiSpray material and 14-gauge stainless steel anchor weights for long-lasting durability. They’re also intuitive and easy to install and adjust for the right angle when you’re on the go. Husky Liner Mud Flaps don’t just preserve your vehicle and help you avoid unnecessary repair and refurbishing costs. They prevent mud, dirt, debris, and stones from hitting other cars and pedestrians, extending a courtesy to those around you on the road. Be kind to your car and to others- invest in quality mud flaps for your ride!

Keep it Clean

Fully protected vehicle interior with heavy-duty rubber floor mats and black leather seats

One of the primary ways to preserve your vehicle’s interior in mint condition is simply by keeping it clean. To do so, you’ll want to prevent spills and stains, and remedy them when they occur. Stains can occur as the result of liquids spilling while traversing bumpy terrains or coming to abrupt stops. To avoid spilling your morning cup of joe all over your vehicle’s pristine interior, be sure that the proper auto consoles and cup holders are present and available. Having the right car organizers installed can make a significant difference in cleanliness, simply by providing a place for items such as to-go cups, tools, and more.

Another way to keep your car’s interior clean and pristine is through a combination of the right auto detailing supplies. To protect your interior from fading by UV rays, know that there are three separate groups of materials to care for: plastics, fabrics, and leather. Each of these can be treated with different types of auto detailing supplies to protect them and keep them looking like new, even in the face of spills or UV rays. To apply, first wipe down surfaces with a microfiber cloth and render them free of any residue. Then use the correct detailing spray with a microfiber cloth or pad for even application. Finally, use a dry cloth to buff away excess product. Taking these extra steps doesn’t take long, but the results will be long-lasting: a spotless interior that helps maintain the value of your vehicle!

Husky Liner: Choosing the Right Aftermarket Auto Accessories

Husky Liners cell phone mount positioned on vehicle dashboard.

When investing in accessories that will impact the quality and value of your vehicle, go with brands you trust. Many vehicle owners wonder how to get interior protection for cars, and contemplate between Husky Liner vs. Weathertech. Husky Liner is a reliable supplier, renowned for its custom-fit protection, inside your car and out. Find anything from top-of-the-line car phone mounts and chargers to custom-molded mudguards. Whichever accessories and supplies you choose to personalize your vehicle with, you can trust Husky Liners to provide the interior protection your vehicle needs.

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