How to Prep for Moab, Utah: Top 5 Gear Essentials

Five Jeeps in a row at Moab, Utah in front of a mountain.

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Moab, Utah, is home to an array of beautifully exquisite and rugged landscapes. Like a desert rose, these red rocky lands bestow rare sights to behold, along with treacherous thorns to beware of. Within Moab are unique rock formations that created the famous arches and canyonlands many come to marvel at today. Part of what makes this area so mesmerizing and rich in splendor is how unforgiving the terrain can be. It is more difficult to traverse, and that makes it all the more pristine. It only takes one encounter with the wrong rock to stop your vehicle in its tracks, leaving you high and dry. However, the chance of hitting some obstacles during your off-road trip shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your destination. Set forth on your adventure with preparedness in mind! Here’s how to prep for Moab, Utah, to ensure safety and solutions throughout.

1. Differential Lockers for Off-Roading Vehicles

Off-roading is one of the best things to do in Moab for an adventure unlike any other. Off-road differential lockers have the power to transform a basic rig into an off-roading beast, fit for even the rockiest roads and terraneous trails! Differential lockers for off-roading ensure that both wheels on the axle are locked in place to turn together at the same time. This makes tires less likely to come off the ground and spin out of tandem with halted tires. In turn, this prevents your vehicle from getting stuck on rugged roads.

Eaton Differential Lockers allow you to go from open to 100% locked with the flip of a switch. That is some heavy-duty, reliable on-demand traction. ARB Differential Lockers eliminate binding and improve off-road traction, precisely machined to create the perfect fit. With the right differential lockers for your vehicle, you’ll enjoy better traction and the ability to traverse space freely. Without a differential, you may have to dig or winch out instead of simply driving out. Ultimately, a high-quality differential locker will help create one of the best off-roading vehicles to cover more ground at Moab!

2. How to Prep for Moab: Winches in a Pinch

Jeep rock crawling at Moab, Utah.

You really can’t talk about how to prep for Moab, Utah, without mentioning winches. Off-road winches can be a godsend while out traversing the wilderness. They provide more room to push rigs out of a jam and also help keep tires on the ground. They can provide a little more control than the yanking motion used with a strap. Straps require more throttle and aggression, which can cause damage on rough trails if the wrong part is dragged over rocks or tree stumps. You could also run into the issue of not having enough space for the rig to pull the stuck vehicle.

Winches for the Win

Winches for off-roading vehicles offer more precision and control over these situations. They also typically offer much greater length than straps, by about 70 feet on average. With a quality winch, you’ll be able to cover more ground and overcome greater obstacles. Driving winchless over large ledges, drop-offs, stair steps, and humungous climbs can be worth the glory, but not the risk.

Choosing A Winch

After spending substantial amounts of money on your vehicle and overlanding equipment, it’s best to tread lightly and keep components intact. Overall, winches are your best bet to get out of sticky situations while overlanding. These include recovery from rollovers, pulling at extreme angles, and getting out of a rut when riding solo. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty winch with spur-gear reduction and smooth line control, Superwinch has a line of winches for exactly that. These rugged, high-performing winches will help you build your truck or jeep into one of the best overlanding vehicles in Moab!

3. Off Road Replacement Bumpers

Heavy-duty bumpers are a must-have for off-roading vehicles, especially those gearing up to make the trek through Moab. Replacement bumpers have tow points, designed to accommodate winches. These aftermarket accessories are essential for off-roading, so the ability to reliably mount them is necessary. A heavy-duty bumper with a powder-coated finish is a must to yield the level of durability necessary for off-roading excursions. They also typically allow for more ground clearance, towing capability, and versatility. Replacement bumpers perform better when it comes to approach and departure angles. This is essential on rocky trails and bumpy paths.

Choosing an Off-road Bumper

Fab Fours bumpers are an excellent choice for both front and rear replacement bumpers that offer protection and style. With their lightweight yet durable design, Fab Fours bumpers provide extra defense against things that go bump on the road. This includes tree stumps, rocks, and other unexpected obstacles of adventure! Smittybilt bumpers are great options for off-road towing, equipped with reinforced mounting points and integrated winch mounts. Smittybilt bumpers come in a variety of models and styles to fit any needs, from front and rear replacement bumpers to bumpers with built-in accessories. There are so many options for replacement bumpers to prep for Moab, Utah!

4. GMRS Radio for the Best Overlanding Vehicle

A caravan of Jeeps rock crawling and overlanding at Moab, Utah.

All of the best off-roading vehicles are equipped with a reliable GMRS radio. GMRS radios are a type of radio that operates within a specific range of frequencies. This range is wider than those of FRS and CB radios, typically maxing out at two miles. They also usually provide a clearer signal than other radio types due to greater wattage. These qualities make GMRS radios the superior choice for outdoor adventures, especially those that are rugged and farther out in the wild. A radio with a greater signal and range can help if you run into a bind. They’re compact, easy to use, and affordable. If you go on any Moab, Utah camping, hiking, or biking excursions, these radios can easily be thrown in with the rest of the gear for extra preparedness.

Choosing a GMRS Radio

Some of the best GMRS radios are Rugged Radios and Midland GMRS Radios. They offer simplicity, stunning performance, and superior sound quality. Midland GMRS Radios provide ease of use and trail-tested quality, ensuring reliability when you need it most.  Rugged Radios offer some of the highest-power GMRS radios on the market, with a superior range and 22 included channels. These channels will provide a universal connection to both GMRS and FRS walkie-talkies. They also allow for maximum wattage during transmission in a remote location, which can be vital in the event of an emergency. Rugged Radios offer a variety of the best GMRS radios with features like impeccable range, waterproof durability, and of course, ruggedness.

When choosing the right radio for your off-roading vehicle, imagine the different situations that could arise and what types of features would be of the greatest help. This will allow you to think of how to prep for Moab, Utah, in the most effective way!

5. Winch Recovery & Accessory Kit

We’ve established that a good quality winch is key for overlanding and off-roading vehicle preparedness. The thing is, you might get into these situations more than once throughout your travels, so the chances of needing one or more ways out are likely. When you’re far from anyone that can rescue you, you’ll need to be self-reliant. The best winch recovery kits will come equipped with gloves to guard your hands, straps to wrap around anchors, snatch blocks to maximize pulling power, and D-rings to form the connection.

Choosing a Winch Recovery Kit

The WARN Epic Heavy Duty Winch Recovery & Accessory Kit is ideal for those looking to do some rigorous off-roading. It comes equipped with two forged shackles, a tree trunk protector, a snatch block, a recovery strap, Kevlar winching gloves, and a ballistic backpack carrying case. While equipped with the WARN Epic Heavy Duty Winch Recovery & Accessory Kit, you’ll be prepared to handle any obstacles thrown your way!

Another shining star in the sky of winch recovery kits is the Smittybilt Premium Winch Accessory Bag Recovery Kit. Included are a 30-foot tow strap, recovery chain, snatch block, tree-saver strap, two D-Ring shackles, and work gloves to prep for Moab. These essentials fit into the included carrying bag for simple transport, organization, and easy access when you need it most. This all-inclusive kit has been thought out and designed with the ultimate safety and preparedness in mind. Whether it’s rocks, sand, mud, or snow, this recovery kit will help you winch out of the stickiest situations. Recover your off-roading vehicle or help a fellow overlander in a bind. With this kit, you can be an off-roading hero!

How to Prep for Moab: Final Thoughts

A caravan of Jeeps rock crawling and overlanding at Moab, Utah.

There are so many things to do in Moab and so many reasons to make the trek. Though the amount of planning can be overwhelming, you can discover how to prep for Moab, Utah, effectively. With these off-roading essentials, you can assemble one of the best overlanding vehicles on the road (or off the road, rather). Given the cost and energy that goes into maintaining your vehicle, taking the proper precautions to equip it properly is a worthy investment. To ride with the right accessories is to ride with confidence, no matter the terrain.

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