How to Prep Your Vehicle for Spring

Man washing a car on a sunny day to prepare for spring driving

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For many vehicle owners, Spring brings opportunities for different kinds of jobs and outdoor adventures. Job opportunities brought forth by warmer weather could include construction work, landscaping, masonry, forestry, farming, and ranch hand work. For recreational endeavors, springtime weather might inspire a drive to the beach or the lake for paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking, or fishing. Less aquatic pursuits may involve off-roading to trails for hiking, hunting, camping, and overlanding. If you’re looking forward to any of these activities, you might have already acquired some of the gear for them. But what about accessories that specifically equip your vehicle for these warm-weather outings? You might wonder “How do I prepare my car for spring driving?” Whether you’re anticipating an ample workflow or an abundance of fun trips with the sun’s warmth, here’s how to prep your vehicle for either!

How Do I Prepare My Car for Spring Driving?

Mother and little girl enjoying a joyride outdoors near trees in the spring

Depending on where you are, winter can be long and severe. Low temperatures and heavy precipitation can wreak havoc on various parts of a vehicle. To mitigate those effects and to prime your car for the warmer months, consider the following protocols:

Replace Your Tires

How often should you replace tires? For regular, all-weather tires, it’s recommended to change them every 25,000 to 80,000 miles, depending on levels of wear and intentions for use. However, if you use seasonal tires, you’ll want to change them with the seasons. Winter tires are to provide a better grip on wet and icy surfaces. They render more traction and higher performance overall, especially in the cold. The catch-22 of winter tires is that they generally experience more wear and tear at a quicker rate. You also wouldn’t want to keep them on after the temperature rises above 45°F, as their special rubber material isn’t designed to stay as flexible in higher temperatures. Summer tires on the other hand are optimized for road grip, cornering, braking, and acceleration. They’re great for preventing hydroplaning during floods and heavy rains. Summer tires shouldn’t be used in the winter because they become too stiff in colder temperatures. If you still have winter tires on your vehicle, it would be a good idea to change them with summer or all-weather tires to prepare your vehicle this spring!  

Change Air Filters

When optimizing vehicles, you might question how often to change car air filters. According to AutoZone, it’s recommended to change your air filters every 12,000 to 15,000 miles or once a year. Spring is a great time to do so since you can install them yourself in the warmth, for a more pleasant experience than working in the biting cold. Spring is also a time when lots of dust and pollen can be present, so a new air filter will help keep air fresh and allergen-free. Plus, a healthy air filter will keep a vehicle’s fuel economy, emissions, and overall performance optimized.

Bug Deflectors for Cars

With spring comes warmth, light, life… and also bugs. These pesky critters can stick on your vehicle’s exterior or enter the cabin without an invitation. Bug deflectors for cars work by redirecting the airstream of your vehicle up and over the roof, instead of across the hood and windshield. The streamlining of air over the vehicle also has a small positive impact on aerodynamics, which is a plus for improving gas mileage. There are a wide variety of designs of bug deflectors for pickup trucks and cars. Many are vehicle-specific to custom-fit individual makes and models for optimized airflow and aesthetics. From low-profile designs to standard profiles, to tape-on and bolt-on designs, there are so many bug deflectors for cars to choose from. Popular brands like AVS bug deflectors offer an array of colors and styles to customize with. With the overwhelming sea of options out there, do bug deflectors really work? A high-quality bug deflector designed for your vehicle will minimize bug splatters on your exterior and add a little hood protection, all at a minimal cost.

Replacement Windshield Wipers

front windshield wipers on a rainy car window

At winter’s end, many of our windshield wipers look like they’ve seen better days. Several months of lifting and brushing away ice and snow can do that to an accessory. By this point in their lifespan, windshield wipers can start to flounder a bit at their water-wiping duties. If you’re wondering how to prepare your car for spring driving, the best fix is to simply replace the windshield wipers to prepare for spring showers and summer storms. You might be wondering how often to replace windshield wipers. Between every six to twelve months is recommended for optimal performance. Doing so once every spring would be an excellent habit for yearly routine maintenance to prepare your vehicle for warmer weather!

Sun Visor Advisory

With longer days and more intense rays comes the need for sun protection. Excessive glare from the sun while driving can cause damage to eyes, skin, and at worst, unsafe driving conditions. Having a working sun visor is essential for your vehicle, since visibility tends to be pretty important for driving. The best sun visors for cars will often come with LED lights for added visibility at night or during dark stormy weather. If your sun visor doesn’t have this feature, you can always upgrade it with a sun visor LED light kit. The right replacement sun visors and accessories will provide wide coverage and multi-directional swivel options for greater flexibility and protection. They’re not a big investment at all, but they can greatly improve the quality of your driving experience this spring!

Sunroof Wind Deflectors

Taking a cruise with the sunroof open at the dawn of warmer seasons is one of life’s simple pleasures. The best sunroof wind deflectors channel air up and over the sunroof to minimize turbulence. With this accessory, drivers and passengers can enjoy warmth, sunlight, and fresh air without having to sacrifice the feel of a smooth ride. You can opt for anything from a sunroof wind deflector with clips for extra fastening and security during bumpy rides, to chrome sunroof wind deflectors for unmatched strength and corrosion resistance. Sunroof wind deflectors are an easy, reliable, and affordable way to enhance your vehicle and driving experiences this spring.

Car Cleaning Supplies

After a long winter of snow, debris, and dust, many wonder how to prepare a car for spring driving. The key lies in a thorough spring cleaning. Dust and grime can build up anywhere on your vehicle. A residue buildup on your headlights could decrease their effectiveness, preventing you from seeing fully in darker conditions and decreasing driving safety. Dust and dirt can also build up on your odometer and dashboard. With a thick enough layer or the right angle of sunlight glare, your view of speed, gas supply, and other vital information could be obstructed. A clean vehicle is a safe vehicle, so a couple of car cleaning supplies and an hour spent spring cleaning is a small price to pay for minimized risk. Plus, safety and driving quality aside, the best vehicle detailing products will leave your car looking reborn with a fresh and sparkling sheen. A top-notch car cleaning kit will come with brushes for fine cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. This will give car the iridescent luster of a thousand gemstones.

Roll Into Spring with Style

Many avid car enthusiasts and truck-driving devotees will ask themselves: “How do I prepare my car for spring driving?” Not all drivers will do the research to find the answer. You know what to do to get ready for some of the best joy rides and travel excursions this season. Give your vehicle the care it deserves so you can roll into spring with style!

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