Custom Bumpers: 5 Reasons to Invest in One

Silver Jeep with custom bumper against stormy skies.

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Most people driving an average vehicle don’t put much thought into their bumpers or how much they can endure. But if you’re someone who spends a lot of time with their truck, Jeep, or SUV, you might think of your bumper as a sort of shield, readying your vehicle for battle against the elements. Contrary to what many believe, a bumper can do much more than take a hit or hold your beer while you’re working on your truck. The most common reason to upgrade to an aftermarket bumper is to make a vehicle more adept in off-roading excursions. Aftermarket accessories can equip your vehicle to handle more extreme environments and treacherous terrains with less damage as a result. Here are some darn good reasons to look into custom bumpers.

1.      Ride in Style

Cobalt blue Ford Bronco with custom bumper.

With aftermarket bumpers, you have the option to replace or upgrade old bumpers for purpose and for style. When it comes to looks, let’s be real: stock bumpers aren’t exactly easy on the eyes. A custom bumper is a surefire way to add some style and elevate the appearance of your ride. A custom front bumper can help your vehicle stand out and make an impression- one that says: “Don’t drive too close to my vehicle- it’s bigger, badder, and brawnier.” Standing out can be helpful when trying to identify your truck in massive parking lots full of vehicles. Frontier bumpers are aesthetically pleasing and purposeful, featuring sleek lines to match the contour of your truck, along with a heavy-duty steel grill guard for that badass “don’t mess with me” look.

2.      Additional Protection While Off-roading

White pickup truck with custom front bumper.

Stock bumpers are designed to withstand the impact of low-speed traffic accidents. An advanced aftermarket bumper excels in protecting large vehicles and vehicles driving through tough environments. Custom bumpers are better at deflecting pebbles, sticks, and other debris that can fly up from the ground. If you bump into a fence, tree, or rock, an aftermarket bumper can absorb the impact in a way that won’t leave a scratch. Many Ranch Hand custom bumpers are designed to receive information through sensors for parking, proximity, and impact for added safety. Keep your vehicle and your passengers safe with a quality custom front bumper!

3.      Mount Point for Life-Saving Accessories

Army green Jeep with custom bumper in the front.

If you’re reading this, you’re not looking for any old bumper that will get you to the mall or your local Starbucks. You need a bumper that can get you through a flooded road or muddy swamp to your favorite hunting spot or mountain view. A custom bumper can make it much easier to mount accessories needed to do so by providing a mounting point. Heavy-duty off-road bumpers are installed directly to the vehicle’s frame, adding a level of security.

Customize your vehicle with ease, adding LED lights, hitches, hooks, and more. The mounting points of custom bumpers become especially handy for adding winches to get out of rocky predicaments and sticky situations. For example, some Fab Fours bumpers come with bolt-on tow hooks, light mounts for LED fog lights, winch mounts, and D-ring mounts. In certain situations, an LED light bar or a winch can be a lifesaving piece of equipment. With the right bumper, your Jeep can be winch-ready and compatible with the best accessories to get unstuck when it matters most.

4.      Improved Ground Clearance

There’s a time and a place to use regular bumpers- and that will never be on the trails. Many vehicles today have low bumpers which can drag along the ground. A more lifted bumper gives a bit of added clearance to your wheels while improving ride height and approach/departure angles. This is a must-have feature for off-roading vehicles. Ground clearance affects your vehicle’s ability to carry cargo, overcome obstacles, and withstand the rugged landscapes associated with off-roading. Westin Automotive Product’s Pro Mod Front Bumper features a cutting-edge lightweight modular design to eliminate droop and prevent excess weight on the vehicle. This improves ground clearance without forfeiting the strength and durability of steel-constructed aftermarket bumpers. There is a slew of off-roading benefits of ground clearance and aftermarket bumpers to explore. Find the best one to help you explore uncharted lands and unblazed trails.

5.      Unmatched Durability and Longevity

Red pickup truck with custom bumper.

If you don’t plan on having fun adventures with your vehicle, stock bumpers are fine. However, if you’d like to engage in some rock crawling, trail-blazing, off-road action-packed thrills, aftermarket truck or jeep bumpers are the way to go. Steel bumpers last longer than factory aluminum bumpers- with the right bumper, you might never have to replace it again. Though custom bumpers cost more upfront, they can save you money in the long run. Custom bumpers are built differently. OEM bumpers just aren’t designed to handle the stress, wear, and tear that comes with off-roading. You can opt for a super cool, ultra-durable, and highly stylish diamond plate Steelcraft bumper for added traction when climbing on and off your ride during road trips. These heavy-duty bumpers can handle it all, even your roughest expeditions.

Are Aftermarket Bumpers Worth It?

Overall, aftermarket Jeep bumpers and custom truck bumpers are bumpers built with a purpose. The advanced utility of these bumpers is derived not only from the superior materials used, but the way they’re engineered and constructed. For example, Fab Fours bumpers are built by skilled steel workers, not factory machines. This helps them maintain a high level of quality assurance. Stock bumpers are fine for your paved road excursions, but where the pavement ends, the trouble begins. With custom bumpers, there are no limits to the kind of terrain you can traverse. Top-notch, rugged aftermarket bumpers allow you to make use of your truck’s full potential for work, adventures, and travel, no matter the destination.

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