Best Truck Modifications for Hunting and Fishing Expeditions

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Your pickup truck can be your best friend on outdoor expeditions. It doesn’t just get you from point A to point B; your favorite truck can be a part of the journey, the hunt, and everything in between. There are an infinite number of ways to customize a truck for your outdoor passions, especially hunting and fishing. Let’s ponder some of the best truck modifications to enhance your adventurous pursuits.

How to Build the Ultimate Hunting/Fishing Rig

If you’ve been an avid hunter for some time, odds are you’ve accumulated quite an arsenal of gear. Sometimes, you need to make customizations to your truck to help it keep up. With the right modifications, you can equip your truck to become a beast of a hunting and fishing rig.

Step 1: Make it Off-road Ready

Off-road ready truck with heavy-duty grill guards on a field.

To make the best truck modifications, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure it can handle the types of terrains you want to hunt on. This will greatly expand the ground you can cover so that you can travel and hunt with no limits. Tread through puddles of mud, plow through snow, or coast over rocky regions with confidence.


The main ingredients you need for an off-road capable truck are suspensions, tires, and wheels. Suspension lifts increase ground clearance and make for a smoother ride on bumpy landscapes. This will also help new tires to fit- you’re going to need tough tires and rugged wheels to travel off-road. Readylift suspensions are highly esteemed in the world of off-roading accessories. Renowned for their precision engineering and unmatched construction, Readylift suspensions reign supreme. They’re engineered to custom-fit specific vehicles for a perfect match. Top-grade aluminum renders Readylift suspensions robust with high longevity for years of quality. Readylift suspensions are also unique in that they can be reversed if the desire arises. Just uninstall and modify to your preferences. With the right off-road gear, your fishing and hunting excursions will know no bounds.


When off-roading, you’re bound to bump into things. That’s why you’ll need to equip your truck with an aftermarket bumper. If you want to optimize your rig for fishing, hunting, and off-roading, it needs to be able to take some impact. Regular stock bumpers are designed to handle impact from low-speed traffic collisions. Aftermarket bumpers provide the armor you need to conquer tough environments. If an extra element of safety is what you seek, Ranch Hand custom bumpers add just that with their advanced technology sensors. Fab Fours bumpers are some of the best, most trusted aftermarket bumpers on the market. They come equipped with hooks for towing, along with mounts for LED fog lights, D-rings, and winches. These essential accessories can be literal lifesavers when caught between a rock and a hard place. When you’re in a pinch, grab your winch. When in doubt, winch out. The right bumper will equip you to do just that!

Paint Protector

Part of maneuvering the trails is the occasional brush-up against a branch or tight spot. These split-second moments can lead to a lot of surface damage over time. Enough scratches and scrapes, and you have a serious paint job problem. This could cause a depreciation in your truck’s value or even more serious moisture problems. To prevent anything like this, simply add a protective film to your truck’s body. Paint protection film usually comes in the form of a thin layer of vinyl. This material can go completely unnoticed so as not to detract from your paint job’s natural beauty and luster. High-quality paint protection films are self-regenerating, with the ability to seal scratches when exposed to sunlight. Some of the best truck modifications are passive and low-maintenance like this!

Step 2: Optimize Storage Space

Off-roading adventures often require a great deal of gear on their own. Add fishing bait boxes, fishing rods, hunting bows, arrows, hunting blinds, and accessories, and you’ve got a full truck. If you’ve embarked on these kinds of gear-heavy adventures before, you know how valuable real estate in your truck becomes. Space-optimizing accessories are some of the best truck modifications money can buy.

Roof Racks

No drill Pioneer Platform roof rack for cargo storage

Bring all the gear you need with a solid, heavy-duty roof rack. An aluminum roof rack for trucks makes for a lightweight yet durable storage optimizer. Throw your tents, hunting blinds, decoys, and other gear on for a secure, space-saving hold. With proper storage, you can bring all of the hunting and fishing accessories for trucks you need.

Cargo Carriers and Lockable Storage

Underseat storage box in truck for off-roading

To off-road, hunt, and fish safely and effectively, a great deal of equipment must be involved. From lights to first aid kits to power sources, the gear adds up quickly. Luckily for off-road adventurers, there are a ton of ingenious storage solutions available. Underseat storage boxes, fender-well toolboxes, and locking tonneau covers are excellent ways to maximize storage space and security. Lockable storage options don’t only save space, they prevent the theft of your valuable gear. These clever, discrete, space-saving solutions are some of the best truck modifications and investments you could make for your adventure rig.

Step 3: Protect the Interior

Part of the fun of fishing and hunting is getting a little messy. There’s freedom in getting some mud on your boots or some bait remnants on your hands. The trick to sustaining this lifestyle, though, is keeping the muck and grime outside the truck. If you do happen to track the inevitable bit of the outdoors in your truck, a properly lined interior will take care of the rest. Floor liners and seat covers provide that protective barrier your truck needs to maintain its condition for years. Durable rubber floor mats are protective, flexible, and washable for easy cleaning after a top-notch hunting session.

Step 4: Bask in the Glory of Your New Rig

Durable fishing gear box for truck cargo storage

Once you’ve completed your custom fishing and hunting rig, all that’s left to do is maintain and enjoy. With the best truck modifications for your truck, you can off-road, fish, and hunt, knowing you’ve got the best gear for the job. Now that you can spend less time worrying and planning, you can experience the thrill of nature more.

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