Are Truck Tool Boxes Worth It?

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A pickup truck can be a versatile, multi-purpose tool for a variety of uses. They can get you where you need to go, aid in recreational endeavors, and serve as work vehicles. Dress it up with the right accessories and trimmings, and your truck could allow you to become a one-man mobile repair shop, prepared for any job or adventure. Equip it for towing, winching, hunting, or any job. There is so much gear out there to enhance and equip your pickup truck, but truck tool boxes are a great, ultra-practical place to start. Depending on your individual needs, let’s find out if truck tool boxes live up to the hype.

Pros of Truck Tool Boxes

There’s a reason why pickup tool boxes are so popular among truck drivers. It’s not because they look pretty on the truck bed (although, that is an added perk of truck tool boxes.) Truckers like truck tool boxes and utilize them frequently because they work well, offering many benefits. Here are the primary advantages of using a truck bed storage box:

Heightened Security

Side mount truck tool boxes in truck bed of black pickup truck.

Many truck tool boxes come with a lockable lid or enclosure for added security against theft. Opt for a lockable truck toolbox with a metal key and built-in latch lock, or one with a padlock option. Even a toolbox without a lock will deter many thieves from helping themselves to your collection of tools. Imagine you’re a thief for a second: you see a truck full of valuable equipment, right in plain sight. On your other side, you see a truck bed with nothing but a closed metal box. Which one is more eye-catching? Which one requires less time and effort to target? Avoid the possibly financially draining headache of having to replace your work tools due to someone else’s sticky fingers or kleptomaniac tendencies. Fortify your truck and guard your valuables against theft for peace of mind.

Improved Tool Lifespan

Quality truck bed storage boxes don’t just protect against unwanted “customers” taking a… self- sanctioned five-finger discount from your truck bed. They protect you against another kind of uncontrollable variable: mother nature. Whether the weather is wicked and wild or subtle and mild, it can still weather and whittle your tools little by little. A little bit of light rain can lead to a whole lot of rust. Exposure to acidic environments and high humidity can lead to corrosion of tools. To improve the longevity of your valuable investments, keep your tools protected with a truck bed toolbox.

Enhanced Space Efficiency

There are so many different types of truck tool boxes that come in varying shapes, sizes, and positions for your truck. You can get anything from a wheel well truck tool box to fit perfectly in the unoccupied space in your wheel well to storage drawers that pull out to house tools while creating a durable platform above to support bulkier equipment. With all the different assortments and configurations possible, your truck toolbox can store tools compactly, leaving room for other kinds of gear.

Superior Organization

Side mount truck tool boxes on a white pickup truck bed.

With a truck tool box, you no longer have to endure the ungodly sight and sound of tools floating freely around the truck bed, harshly thrashing against the walls at every turn. Instead, they can be nestled neatly inside a safe and durable chest for optimized storage. You can opt for something like truck storage drawers with segmented compartments so that everything has a place. This will make it easier to find the tools you need at a moment’s notice, making you for efficient on the job and saving you valuable time in the end.

Smoother Look

Do away with the clunkiness of a million tools piling up and poking out of your truck bed. A streamlined truck bed makes the appearance of your entire truck look sleeker. (Don’t lie- we know you want to look cool driving that thing.)

Cons of Truck Tool Boxes

Even with everything pickup tool boxes offer, they aren’t necessarily for everyone. If you do decide to upgrade your ride with one, it’s still wise to be aware of the potential drawbacks associated with them.

Added Cost

It’s no secret that enhancing and even upkeeping a truck can get pretty expensive. There might be other accessories or parts you’ve had your eye on that are higher up on the list than a tool box. There are high-end truck tool boxes out there that go for up $2,500 and up. However, there are also tool boxes that add protection for about $100, which is a small price to pay to protect your tools. It also depends on how you look at the situation. If you’re a working professional, replacing 40 grand worth of tools is a lot more costly than a truck bed storage box.

Increased Weight

Depending on the type and size of truck bed tool box you add to your vehicle, it can add a noticeable amount of weight. Smaller boxes can add about 50 pounds, whereas a larger steel box can add around 200 pounds. This could impact you if you already have a lot of weight on your vehicle and you’re trying to stay under the weight rating. However, for most workers, this amount is unimportant and will not hinder vehicle performance. Instead, you’ll be able to store and transport more tools on your truck.

They Take Up Space

Depending on your priorities, pickup tool boxes either save space or take up space. If you want to put large bulky equipment in your truck bed, you may not always have space for a truck toolbox. However, some options allow you to place bulky items on top of the tool box or drawer. Alternatively, you can get a portable toolbox that is easily removable and swap it out when you want to load up the truck bed with bigger things.

So, Should You Get a Truck Tool Box?

If you’ve been thinking about getting a truck tool box, odds are, it’s going to help you much more than it will ever hinder you. The pros outweigh the cons by a long shot, making the answer clear if you’re a proud owner of valuable tools. So, shop around for the best combination of price, quality, and type, and equip yourself with the gear that will help you do the most exceptional work you can do.

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