Are Grill Guards Worth It? 4 (Honest) Reasons to Get One

Black truck with Ranch Hand Grill Gaurd near bales of hay.

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A carefully customized truck with all of its trimmings and accessories can be beautiful, like a work of art. They also aren’t cheap, so it makes sense to preserve them at all costs. There is no limit to the number of variables you can encounter on the road. This means there is an abundance of ways your vehicle could get damaged. Anything that helps guard your truck against potential scratches, bumps, dings, and crashes is generally a good idea. That’s where grill guards come in, to… guard the grills. The name may be simple and self-explanatory, but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this accessory. So, are grill guards worth it? Let’s discuss.

#1. Preserve Your Vehicle, and Your Wallet

Crimson Red Ram Truck with Steelcraft HD Grill Guard

The first and foremost reason to fork over the cash and invest in a grill guardian is for the god-like levels of protection they offer against road debris. Rocks flying up in front of you? Protected. A tree branch catapulting up at full speed? Boom, covered. Rogue car parts in your path? Your grill guard has you covered. Grill guards do not typically help in high-speed collisions, however. In collisions at 30 mph and above, a grill guard will absorb some of the impact and transfer it to the frame. This differs from a vehicle without a grill guard, where the bumper absorbs most of the force before it touches the frame. The potential for grill guards to intensify damages is something to note if you are a high-risk driver prone to high-speed accidents.

Are grill guards worth it if you’re generally a safe driver? In most cases, a grill guard will help keep your vehicle intact. A low-speed fender bender or collision with a wandering parking lot shopping cart will render the impact negligible. Your paint job, headlights, bumper, and body will remain untouched!

#2. Added Protection (For You and Your Vehicle)

Crimson red truck with a Westin Automotive Grill Guard on a field

Another uncontrollable variable on the road is wildlife. From bears to deer to moose, you never know when a thousand-pound antlered beast is going to catch you off guard around the bend. The best course of action is to always avoid contact with these living beings by driving slowly and cautiously. But if a scared critter jumps out right in front of your vehicle, giving you no time to react, a grill guard will help protect you and everyone inside. Whether it’s a Westin Automotive or Ranch Hand grill guard, it’ll help absorb impact from unexpected collisions with wildlife crossing. For even greater protection, Promaxx grill guards are specifically designed to minimize front-end damage. Their heavy-duty beams and headlight guards are bulletproof, for protection in the most dangerous conditions. With the right grill guards, you can prepare for the worst, and expect the best. 

#3. Gateway to Customization

Crimson red truck with grill guard on a gravel road

By adding grill guards to your ride, you make it even easier to customize. Grill guards provide a convenient spot to mount accessories like LED light bars or rally lights. If you mount without a grill guard directly to the bumper, you may need to make alterations that can’t be undone later. This can present problems down the line if you decide you want to change or upgrade these parts. Still asking “Are grill guards worth it?” With grill guards, adding and accessorizing will be a breeze. If you’re a truck fanatic who likes to customize their ride to perfection, grill guards are a must.

#4. A Rugged Aesthetic (That Serves a Function)

Dark navy truck with Ranch Hand grill guard

Grill guards are a surefire way to instantly make your truck look more rugged and badass. You can customize the look of your vehicle with a variety of options. Choose between chrome, stainless steel, and black powder coating. The large, sturdy metal bars often act as a deterrent on the road, dissuading other drivers from getting too close to you. Enjoy driving in style while being an absolute tank on the road.

What’s The Lowdown: Are Grill Guards Worth It?

If any of the reasons mentioned above intrigue you, then the answer is yes. The only scenario in which it would be no is if you think you are likely to get into a high-speed collision, or if you don’t have a truck at all. If you’re reading this and you don’t own a truck, we’re impressed you made it this far. From Westin Automotive HDX Grille Guards to Ranch Hand Grill Guards, there is a world of options out there to enhance your truck. Reap the benefits of grill guards today for enhanced protection on your rugged wilderness adventures.

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