Are Fuel Transfer Tanks Worth It?

Aluminum combo fuel transfer tank on top of a red pickup truck in front of lumber.

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What are the odds of running out of fuel while on the go? Well, depending on your location and vehicle uses, they can get pretty high. Trucks aren’t known for getting the best gas mileage. Add some weight to the truck bed or trailer, throw in some unexpected hills, and you could be out of luck before you know it. A fuel transfer tank is a container that holds liquids such as gasoline or diesel, acting as an external fuel source and a solution. Mounted to the truck’s bed, transfer fuel tanks can be transported to job sites and remote destinations. They typically refuel equipment like power tools and generators, but with a connector kit, they can pump fuel into the tank. This can come in handy in many situations, benefitting your vehicle in terms of utility, flexibility, and preparedness. So, are fuel transfer tanks worth it? Here are the ways you can benefit from owning a fuel transfer tank:

Don’t Just Buy Fuel, Buy Time

When you buy fuel to stock up for a road trip or a job located far away, you’re not just purchasing fuel; you’re buying time. If you work according to a schedule and take jobs that require you to be at a certain place at a certain time, a fuel transfer tank can be a tremendous aid. When it comes to work, time is money. Any way you can save time by eliminating the need to stop for fuel is time gained. If you use your truck for recreation or hunting rather than work, you’ll still get to where you need to be quicker. This means less valuable time on the road and more time on the trails!

Save on Fuel

Gas prices fluctuate depending on time and space. You can’t control when the diesel price will surge, but you can have some say in where you source it from. Typically, the further into the country you go, the higher the prices can get. If you know you’ll be situated in a remote place while using fuel, you can opt to stock up beforehand. With a transfer fuel tank, you can locate the cheapest gas nearby and load up your transfer tanks for future use. This can minimize unnecessary trips to gas stations that might be far away or higher in price. More savings on gas means more money you can put into customizing your truck and acquiring gear later!

Prepare for Emergencies

Fuel transfer tank with pump on in a pickup truck.

Fossil fuels have a limited shelf life, so it’s important to know how to store and preserve them correctly. Are fuel transfer tanks worth it in emergency scenarios? Yes, yes, they are. Extra fuel from your fuel tanks can charge essential devices, like a phone, GPS, or two-way radios. You can fuel up your generator with a fuel transfer tank to keep your work equipment running while you’re out on the job site. The last thing you want while planting crops or doing construction work is to run out of fuel. Whether you’re on the job at a farm or working on a building, a fuel transfer tank can help you stay prepared in remote locations.

Multi-Purpose Versatility

Steel combo transfer tank in a white pickup truck bed

Fuel transfer tanks have a wide range of liquids they can store, including diesel, gasoline, kerosene, methanol, ethanol, and aviation fuel. Depending on the type of work you do, this can be incredibly helpful for various applications. Kerosene is generally used for heating and lighting purposes. On the other hand, diesel powers commercial machinery and vehicles. Machines and vehicles used in the agricultural industry, like cranes, tractors, and excavators run on gas oil. Transfer fuel tanks can hold them all. Equipping your vehicle with the right fuel will expand what you can do and where you can do it.

Backup Fuel for Peace of Mind

If you like to venture far and wide into rugged lands and wilds, a fuel transfer tank is a good thing to have. You never want to get caught in the middle of nowhere without fuel. If you’re miles from a gas station and run out, you’ll have to call AAA and likely wait several hours. But are fuel tanks worth it just to avoid a scenario like this? In truth, the situation could be worse if you’re so far out that you can’t get cell service. Depending on the weather and environment, the severity of this situation could range from inconvenient to dire. Enjoy peace of mind and confidence of knowing you have a reliable fuel transfer tank in your truck bed.

D.I.Y.& Customize

Fuel transfer tank in the truck bed of a white pickup truck on a field.

With a fuel transfer tank, you can install it yourself, how and where you want it. As long as you abide by safety regulations, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a D.I.Y. approach. Enjoy the process of choosing the right type, size, shape, fit, and features. Whatever unique needs or preferences you have for a fuel transfer tank, you can personalize it. This might include a specialty finish, a certain material, or a storage feature, for example. For lightweight, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant transfer tanks, consider one made from aluminum. For a more heavy-duty, durable construction, opt for a steel transfer tank.

Some of The Highest Rated Fuel Transfer Tanks

Still wondering, ‘Are fuel transfer tanks worth it?’ Here are some deemed worth the purchase by satisfied buyers:

Dee Zee Combo Transfer Tank

For those who use their fuel tanks for work, the Dee Zee Combo Transfer Tank is built with productivity in mind. Safely store and transport your tools and fuel in this high-grade steel combo box. It boasts a rugged yet visually sleek powder coat finish to ensure longevity. Free of weak welding points, the radius curve design renders this transfer tank an absolute force to be reckoned with. Take it anywhere- and rest assured that the stability baffles, locking cap, drainage plug, and venting coupler will keep the contents safe and secure.

Space-Saving UWS L-Shaped Liquid Transfer Tank

If you want to incorporate a fuel transfer tank into your truck bed without compromising space for other essentials, consider an L-shaped transfer tank toolbox. Safely and effectively transport non-flammable liquids to work sites or other destinations. You can opt for an aluminum fuel transfer tank for a lightweight, corrosion-resistant container that won’t weigh down your truck bed. Alternatively, you can choose a steel transfer tank toolbox, for maximum durability and strength to outlast wear and tear. The 14-gauge, single welded steel ensures leak prevention. Commercial-grade baffles stabilize liquids, even over jarring bumps or making sharp turns. These fuel transfer tanks are tested for safety and quality assurance so you can confidently travel.

ProMaxx Liquid Transfer Tank Storage Chest

ProMaxx is another heavy hitter in the fuel transfer tank brand lineup. This Promaxx Liquid Transfer Tank Storage Chest is another type of space-saving storage solution for your tools and fuel. It efficiently combines the space of an L-shaped fuel tank with a removable toolbox for optimized ergonomics and transportability. Available in lightweight aluminum, this transfer tank toolbox storage chest is ideal for workers traveling to remote sites who require lots of gear and tools.

Should I Get a Fuel Transfer Tank?

Semi Trucks arrive to take on loads of harvested food transporting them to market

Are fuel transfer tanks worth it? If you’re wondering whether or not to invest in a fuel transfer tank, it’s probably time to get one. The convenience and capability they add to work trucks are undeniable, making you more productive and time-efficient in your travels. For contractors and many other working professionals, fuel transfer tanks are a non-negotiable. There are plenty of top-notch designs available to fit your needs, so you can set up, fuel up, and go.

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