Aftermarket Air Horns: I Hear a Train a Comin’

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Aftermarket air horns, known for their loud, train-like sound, have become a significant trend in the automotive world. These horns are not just about loudness; they represent a unique combination of safety features and personal expression. That said, here is everything you need to know about them!

What is an aftermarket air horn?

Aftermarket air horns are specialized horns that can be added to a vehicle, offering a louder and more distinctive sound than standard factory-installed car horns. These aftermarket versions stand out for their ability to cut through ambient noise, making them particularly effective in busy traffic conditions or emergencies. They vary in size and sound intensity, allowing for various customization options. 

These horns are used in personal vehicles, commercial trucks, and recreational vehicles, where increased horn audibility can be crucial for safety. Installation typically requires some mechanical knowledge involving wiring and sometimes additional components like an air compressor. 

It is important to note that while offering enhanced safety benefits, local laws regulate the use of these horns. Remember, local laws can vary significantly. Regulations often dictate acceptable noise levels and usage to prevent noise pollution and ensure that the horns are used responsibly and safely.

What are the benefits of air horns?

Air horns are favored for their immediate impact on safety and their deterrent effect, versatility, customization options, and longevity. The deterrent effect is particularly notable; the powerful blast of an air horn can effectively warn and ward off potential hazards, from inattentive pedestrians to wildlife on rural roads, thereby preventing accidents.

Customization is another significant advantage, as vehicle owners can select from a range of sounds and volumes to suit their personal taste or specific safety needs, ensuring their vehicle stands out or communicates danger effectively. 

Furthermore, air horns are renowned for their durability and reliability. Unlike standard electric horns, which may falter in adverse weather conditions, air horns are built to last. This longevity offers consistent performance and peace of mind that they will function when needed most. This combination of features makes air horns a multifaceted safety tool, enhancing the functionality and personality of any vehicle.

How much do aftermarket air horns cost?

The price of an aftermarket air horn can be different depending on the quality you are looking for. For example, basic air horn kits, typically sufficient for standard cars and smaller vehicles, usually fall in the lower price range, around $20 to $50. These are often simple to install. Additionally, they provide a significant upgrade from standard horns in terms of loudness and sound quality.

Mid-range models cost between $50 and $150, offer better build quality, and may include additional features like multiple horn tones or more powerful sound output. These are popular among truck owners and those seeking a more distinct sound.

High-end air horns can cost from $150 to $300. These systems often feature superior materials, longer-lasting components, advanced installation kits, and sometimes, extra capabilities like air compressors for sustained horn blasts. These are typically sought after by enthusiasts or for commercial vehicles where durability and prolonged use are essential.

It’s important to note that the installation costs can also vary. Some vehicle owners may install the horn themselves. However, professional installation increases the overall cost, especially for complex systems requiring significant vehicle modifications.

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